Rooftop photovoltaic support frame

Esdec BV develops, manufactures and supplies professional installation frames known as ClickFit and FlatFix for solar panel attachment on roofs.

ClickFit is an aggregate name for our installation structures for pitched roofs. FlatFix is an aggregate name for our installation structures for flat roofs. We supply suitable solutions for all types of roofs and situations.

Our innovative installation frames are different, because they are easy to install without posing a risk to product reliability and durability. That is an advantage for the overall quality and long lifetime of photovoltaic equipment.

ClickFit and FlatFix installation frames have been extensively tested by recognised testing institutes such as DNW (in a wind tunnel) and BRE, and are, among other things, certified under the Dutch building code and MCS012 NQA.

Since the establishment of Esdec BV in 2004, ESDEC frames have been used in the installation of over four million solar panels with a total capacity > 1GWp. Esdec BV is one of the Netherlands’ biggest manufacturers of solar panel frames.