A solar PV system for generation of your own electricity with battery storage.

Annual yield (example): 3300 kWh
Annual savings (example): EUR 610

Purchase price of SOLAR KIT 3000 Aku, incl. 15% VAT

EUR 9,374

SOLAR KIT 3000 Aku contains:

  • array of PV panels with total min. capacity of 3.0 kWp
  • roof mounting frames for fastening of PV panels
    (for every type of roof with normal roofing)
  • 1 hybrid inverter with MPPT (depending on current offer)
  • set of storage batteries, min. capacity 3.75 kWh
  • storage battery rack
  • DC cabling, total length 50 m
  • DC distribution board with disconnecting components
  • DC linking connectors
  • storage battery disconnector
  • AC cabling
  • AC distribution board with disconnecting components
  • transport
  • installation with turnkey handover, commissioning
  • development of expert review

Warranties and additional technical specifications

  • PV solar panels
  • 10-year product warranty
  • 25-year 80% power output warranty
  • inverter
    • 5-year warranty
  • storage batteries
    • 5-year warranty
  • for work and installation 2-year warranty
  • surface area per solar panel: 1.7-2 m2(depending on type)
  • area required for solar PV system
    • pitched roof 24 m2
    • flat roof 32-36 m2
Power output min 3,0 kWp
Panels 12 pcs
Total usable energy yield 3300 kWh
For buildings with annual consumption ≥ 4290 kWh

Day mode

The PV power plant produces its own electricity from the sun, which covers the daily household consumption. Excess produced power is stored in batteries for evening and nighttime consumption.


Evening and night mode

The PV power plant does not produce. But the storage batteries are charged, so appliances use the stored solar power. The moment the storage batteries are drained, the household uses electricity from the grid.