Energy storage solutions for installations in private households

TrinaHome systems store surplus energy from PV roof systems and allow the use of the self-generated solar power as needed. By maximizing your own consumption, you increase your independence. In the event of mains failures, the household can still be supplied by the emergency power function:

General Introduction

  • PV & Battery Hybrid System (Backup-Function from 2018)
  • S series: 3.7 kW * single phase
  • T series: 5.2 kW. 9.8kW - three phase
  • Usable capacity: 3 kWh - 18 kWh
  • Warranty: 10 years* on battery power (battery Samsung)
  • Cloud platform & APP (optional)

S Serie (Single phase)

T Serie (Three phase)

As a "system", the equipment assembly is supplied with the following individual components:

  • 1 x hybrid inverter (DC system)
  • 1 x Integrated EMS (Power Management System)
  • Access to the free online portal
  • 1 x bifurcation counter
  • Li-Ion battery pack with 10 years* performance warranty
  • Possibility of AC connection (retrofitting)
  • Emergency power supply (separate AC output)

Reliable lithium-ion battery

  • NMC und LFP, two types - battery Samsung
  • DoD 100%
  • Number of cycles> 8000
  • stand or wall mounting
  • 10 year* warranty on battery power, expected lifetime 20 years
  • IP21 (indoor use only) * Trina Bess manufacturer‘s warranty
  • All warranty claims can only be made by the manufacturer Trina Energie Storage Sales and Service GmbH
  • Otto-Schott Str. 4, 60438 Frankfurt am Main, Germany.