We design and build “turnkey” photovoltaic power plants that use modern technologies and allow households, companies or government institutions to generate their own electricity. Our photovoltaic power plants contain selected quality components that comply with subsidy requirements of the New Green Light for Savings scheme and other governmental subsidy schemes (OP PIK, IROP and OP ENV).


  • energy independence
  • investment in energy savings with a short rate of return
  • comprehensive and absolutely carefree “turnkey” solution
  • state subsidy for power plant acquisition – potential for preferred financing of 100% of the acquisition price
  • a reliable and nearly maintenance-free source of eco-friendly energy
  • a safeguard against potential energy price increases in the future
  • a modular system that you can expand at any time (with more panels or a battery)
  • warranty and post-warranty servicing throughout the country


Rooftop photovoltaic system for hot water or solar power production

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Rooftop photovoltaic power plant for commercial or municipal buildings

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Ground photovoltaic power plant

Large photovoltaic power plants for companies, facilities or institutions with high electricity consumption

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Onyx Solar

Unique system of photovoltaic glass integrated into facade envelopes or building roofs

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Since 2007, we have built photovoltaic power plants for ourselves and our customers in the Czech Republic and abroad (United Kingdom, Romania, Turkey, Hungary, Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine) with a combined capacity of 428 MWp. We do construction of not only large photovoltaic installations but also small rooftop power plants, including accumulation systems for energy storage.


We will assure financing for your investment in the PVPP

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Advantages of solar power

Solar power production from photovoltaic power plants (PVPP) has great prospects. The constantly decreasing costs of photovoltaic technology makes solar power fully competitive with electricity supplied from the grid.


Solar power is one of the inexhaustible energy sources. If you could transform all sunlight into energy, you would produce more electricity in an hour than the whole of humankind consumes in a year. Its utilisation has no negative environmental impacts. The amount of usable energy depends on the climatic conditions of different parts of the Earth’s surface. Its use is effective not only in areas with long periods of sunshine, but also at higher altitudes.

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We have been on the photovoltaic market for over 10 years. Thanks to our wealth of experience in the design, construction and operation of solar power plants, we can design a comprehensive solution for you, including management of subsidies and financing. As a large PVPP operator, we have access to component supplies directly from manufacturers, meaning we can offer attractive price terms and a large stock of goods.

What we do

We have been building and servicing solar and hybrid power plants since 2006. We have customers not only in the Czech Republic but also in other countries (United Kingdom, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia). We are a Czech company with a strong background, and we have our own team of professionals and technicians. Renewable resources are our mission.


The company EKOTECHNIK was established in 1990. At first, we were engaged in installation and distribution of pipeline and sheet systems for customers from households to heavy industry. We implemented 660,000 m2 of repositories and underground structures and 396,000 m2 of roofs. We have been doing solar power since 2004. In 2006, we built one of the first large solar power plants in the Czech Republic, with a capacity of 693 kWp. In 2008-2012, we expanded abroad, where we were involved in the construction of photovoltaic power plants with a total installed capacity of 428 MWp. At present, the company is operating its own photovoltaic power plants with a capacity of 17 MWp. In addition, we have implemented installations of photovoltaic panels on roofs with a total area of 4 MWp. Since 2012, we have designed small ecological power sources for own consumption, which we see as more meaningful and a return to the natural use of renewable resources.


  • design and comprehensive delivery of turnkey photovoltaic and hybrid power plants
  • management of subsidies from the New Green Light for Savings scheme
  • arrangement of financing for power plant construction in cooperation with the Modrá pyramida building society
  • remote power plant monitoring and servicing
  • distribution of photovoltaic components and battery systems for business partners – experience.