A quality project design is a fundamental prerequisite for an investor considering investment in a photovoltaic power plant (PVPP). A power plant with the best parameters can only be built based on a good project design. To achieve optimum yield from a ground or rooftop PVPP, the device has to be designed professionally and implemented well technically. A PVPP project design needs to consider many factors, from the intensity of solar radiation on the site, to panel orientation towards the south, inclination, and the potential shading of panels. These are factors that indirectly influence the PVPP yield factor. Solar panels can be installed on any surface that is not significantly shaded. The ideal orientation is south-facing and the incline between 30° and 35°.

When designing a rooftop PVPP, we also need to consider the roof strength for installation of the load-bearing system for solar panels. Besides the roof’s own load-carrying capacity (additional loading on the roof structure), wind speeds and snow loads in the area play a role. Wind that gets under solar panels produces negative pressure, essentially functioning as an additional load on the roof, as does a layer of snow that covers the panels in winter. When designing a PVPP, in addition to a design for the needed solar panels and their connection to adequate inverters, we need to make a comprehensive design for the mounting system, including optimum distribution of the PVPP solar panels. Suitable cabling has to be selected as well. Low-voltage power lines, and high-voltage ones in larger installations, comprise the greatest part of losses in power generation using photovoltaic panels. Even the first sketch of the project design has to make maximum efforts to minimise the cable lines and the number of passages and connections.


  • experience of leading specialists in design and optimisation of PVPP construction and operation
  • knowledge of experienced planners and designers in heavy and light-current power
  • arrangement of planning and engineering work for rooftop or ground PVPP implementation
  • investor representation in dealing with public authorities
  • provision of energy auditing and financing for the whole PVPP investment