A well-designed and well-built photovoltaic power plant (PVPP) is the key to the investor’s high energy yields. The crucial components in a PVPP implementation are solar panels and inverters; last but not least, we use cables and mounting frames, and transformer plants are often necessary for larger power plants.

PVPP operating results around the world have shown over the years that many of the installations are not working at 100% of their production capacity. The reasons for this may include inappropriately chosen components, but most important are the incorrect methods of PVPP construction and subsequent operation or maintenance.

The quality of a PVPP construction cannot be readily judged by the naked eye, since a number of defects may be hidden or only identified in an in-depth inspection or after several years of PVPP operation. The most frequent defects that may occur during construction include shortcomings in the mechanical design, insufficiently sized cabling, and inappropriate distribution of panels in strings, in relation to inclination and orientation.

Among other things, fire safety considerations are recommended during PVPP construction. In this context, it is advisable to size distribution boards with respect to waste heat (sufficient distances between power components). When choosing cabling, adequate protection of cable lines needs to be provided (observing UV resistance for outdoor cabling) as well as correct fastening to prevent cable jacket deformation. The choice of a good installation company for PVPP construction is therefore a crucial decision for the investor. Thanks to our many years of experience (since 2007) and know-how in PVPP construction, with a capacity over 420 MWp in the Czech Republic and abroad (United Kingdom, Romania, Hungary, etc.), Ekotechnik Czech offers its customers:

  • use of cutting-edge technologies and methods in accordance with international standards
  • delivery of all components for PVPP construction and performance of construction works
  • turnkey PVPP installation and subsequent commissioning
  • remote PVPP monitoring, complete servicing and repairs
  • individual approach to customers and respect for their requirements
  • development of inspection reports under ČSN 331500;
  • thermovision checks of PV panels, distribution board and inverters.